Dear I.
9 February 2021

Dear Isabel (Allure#3)

Video, color, sound, 23:04 min

First part of a epistoraly exchange proposed to Isabel de Naverán, to think with gestures, between gestures or to think as a gesture, that Marie Bardet would say.
We know that the spaces, through their dispositions, discipline the bodies, make them move in a certain way, behave in a certain way. Architecture is usually the police. For the choreography of power, control of space is essential. But like any discourse, architecture also has its cracks. What are the dissident gestures that slip into that scenario? What kind of space do they produce? Between the displacement and the fixation of certain communities, where do we find the unattached rhythm, the pulse of life that resists being completely trapped? Where does the poetics of moving bodies reside?

Dear María (by Isabel de Naverán) in this link

This work is part of the project Camps. Displacements of bodies at the limits of form