28 November 2019

Rüsselsheim, 2016 (an essay for Oratorio)

Video, 4 channels, not sound / sound / sound / not sound, 09:42min / 13:07min / 13:40min / 04:06min (loop)

This project derives from a free interpretation of Alfonso Jiménez’s work “Oratorio”—which is in turn an interpretation of “Antígona”—in a very particular situation: the representation carried out by the Teatro Estudio Lebrijano group in 1971 in Rüsselsheim, the main headquarters of the car manufacturer Opel, before their employees, which were predominantly Spanish migrants.
The piece spans the ruins of work, delving into the employees’ homelessness and allowing them to be carried away by the flamenco, allowing their anachronism to reveal certain hidden relationships between time and space through the repetition of gestures suspended in the cracks of history.