Utopia, City, Machine
31 January 2021

Utopia, City, Machine : Three Declinations on the Controversies Between Communities in Movement and Spaces of Modernity

Master’s Thesis, Research in Art and Design, EINA + UAB, 2018

This artistic research work presents a trilogy of video pieces that address the creation – and destruction – of living spaces through the movement of bodies from three different perspectives: a first perspective from utopian architecture (nomadic), a second from social housing (evictions), and a third from movements due to work (itinerancy). Thus the first work of the trilogy “Linz / Kosice / Kalocsa” (2014) is a reflection on the question of habitats that remain outside the space of political representation, uniting the spaces of utopia and marginality. A second work “Virgencica, Virgencica! (2015) in collaboration with a gypsy community in Granada, deals with the displacements produced by the implantation of certain modern habitats and their paradoxes. Finally, the project “Rüsselsheim, 2016 (an essay for Oratorio)” (2018), opens a process of choreographic and audiovisual experimentation together with several flamenco artists around the displacements due to the territorialities (and de-territorialities) generated by work.

Each of these projects has developed its own form, although all three are framed in a work of constant tension around the possibilities of the audiovisual in collision with architecture.

See full text here (just available in Spanish).