31 January 2021

Camps. Displacements of Bodies at the Limits of Form

Project developed with the support of V Artistic Research Grant Banco Sabadell Fundation– Hangar, 2020

The project explores the formalization, public imagination and contradictions attached to certain conception of space based on displacement, emerged in the second half of the 20th century in Europe and that continues to affect our present in various ways. To this end, it relates two fields that operate outside the hegemonic space of governance: on the one hand utopia, that is, the radical and experimental architectures of the 1960s and their developments around the idea of mobility; and on the other hand the space of what is marginal, where various singular projects are applied to sedentarize communities whose way of life is based on movement, especially Romani populations, as well as the close relationship that these projects have with the logic of the concentration camp. From this collision of images, concepts and situations, through these topologies and typologies of moving bodies, the difficulties and controversies that arise in architecture when trying to shape a certain spatial quality that has to do with the flows of life are visualized. In the end, what is at stake here, what is questioned by alluding to these spatial paradoxes is the very act of giving (or taking) form to a certain form of life.

Consult here the program #Allure## (for allusions)