27 November 2019

The Great Illusion

A proposal from the mediation team of the Sala d’Art Jove 2015 made up of Caterina Almirall, Christian Alonso and María García.

What we know or what we think we know affects the way we see things. When the curtain is drawn, there may be nothing behind it. Or maybe when we draw the curtain, we become blinded by what we see. Perhaps we don’t find what we were looking for among the folds of cloth, but perhaps we find something else.
The Grand Illusion. The exhibition offers a unique backdrop, a place where enthusiasm, a maelstrom of the senses and critical analysis all converge. The projects are articulated by a play of mirrors where reality and fiction, image and text, presence and absence intersect. The play of mirrors is posited as a reflection on the ways we see. The qualities of the projects change according to the space where they appear and the formats they adopt. The exhibition is just one of all the possible angles from which to approach the issue. In the exhibition hall, the projects are shown in one of their versions, while they interact or simply cohabitate with the others.

Artists: Laura Aixalà, Elena Blesa, Shani Bar, Isabel Barios, Estel Boada, Miriam C.Cabeza, Carlos Canales , Maria Isabel Carrero, Emma Casadevall, Sergi Casero, Jaume Clotet, Elsa de Alfonso, Blanca Del Rio, Edgar Díaz, Lara Fluxa, Àngel Garau, Gustau Garcia, Federico García Trujillo, Albert Garrigó, Palma Lombardo, Rafael Marcos, Cloe Masotta, Maike Moncayo, Judit Onsés, Mario Paez, Claudia Parra, Marta Pujades, Víctor Ramírez, Beatriz Requeira, Alexander Reviriego, Francesc Ruiz Abad, Sergi Selvas, Irene Solà, Carlota Suros and Simone Zannin.

Pictures: Marta Pujades